I'm Steve - a Husband and Dad living a stone's throw from the beach on the east coast of Australia in a gorgeous little place named Sawtell.  I pinch myself regularly at the fact that I have called this area home.  I'm a follower of Christ, love my wife & 4 kids to bits and pieces, and have an unhealthy devotion to watching Liverpool FC.  My playlist will include anything from Fleet Foxes to Jon Hopkins to Opeth, and a Scandinavian murder mystery will hook me every time.  

I take photos, which I'm guessing is why you're here.  Purchased my first serious camera on a whim.  It was a stupid impulse purchase and one of the best decisions of my life.  I'm drawn to people, in particular faces, and faces get no more interesting than at weddings.  I regularly find myself in beautiful places thinking "this would be perfect if there was a bride in that spot over there".  For me I have to have fun photographing a wedding.  I'm a firm believer that we do best what we enjoy.  At the end of the reception I drive home, pour a drink, and collapse - utterly exhausted.  I put everything into my photography because I love it and think those awesome brave couples who devote to each other in marriage deserve cracking images to remember the day.