Something about twilight gets me excited and melancholy at the same time. It's sometimes my favorite, and sometimes my least favorite time of the day. Either way - it's the time that tends to draw out more emotion in me. Today I said goodbye to Deb for a few days - which is never easy, so this twilight was more melancholy. Something about this pic sums up how I was feeling - the stairs going down to the water, the golden glow of the sunset. Anyways, enough rambling - it's funny how so often something about a photo doesn't hit you at the time - but really makes the shot in the processing phase. In this shot - it's the green posts down the bottom of the stairs that really stand out for me and make the shot - combined with the sharp contrast of the stair boards. I wasn't too pleased with yesterdays shot - this one makes up for it. Shot at Sawtell - Bonville Creek @ f22, 5secs exposure, 15mm.