Finally back

After a month of wedding, honeymoon, and Christmas chaos - back to updating the 365 project. These loaded in the wrong order, but took so long that I couldn't be bothered redoing it. A quick explanation of each:

1. Wicker chair. Didn't have a great deal of time for a shot on the 3rd after travelling to Forster and starting to help with reception details. I'll confess, though, that I was really happy with the way this shot turned out. Love shallow dof!
2. Mia. Doesn't need to much explanation - kids and cake =... Love the satisfied expression.
3. Girls. My fave, for sure - managed to duck around to the back of the house at the reception and get a few shots of Deb and the bridesmaids. It was a hectic day, but so much fun! Will put some more wedding shots up soon.
4. Glow. The morning after the wedding night, which we had just spent at the guest house behind us at South West Rocks. It was a fantastic place, and we've already planned our return for our 1st year anniversary.
5. Ring. Crazy day having travelled to KL overnight, slept in a hotel lobby, flown to Krabi, and then jumped on a van for a chaotic 3 hour drive to our resort. This was shot on a car ferry - pics weren't my first priority on this day, but I was happy with this one. The coastline behind sums up the local terrain.